Compound Exercises Circuit

1 mile warm up on treadmill or elliptical 

Arm circuit: Do 8 reps of 5 lbs., 8 reps of 8 lbs., and 8 reps of 10 lbs. per exercise


Lateral raise 

Shoulder press


Flys (standing up) 

Tricep kickbacks

Push ups (20)

Tricep dips on a bench (20) 

Compound exercises circuit: Repeat 2-3 times 

Side lunge to leg lift (10)

Squat to Arnold press (10) 

Squat to shoulder press with twist (10 each arm)

Split squats, holding weights (10 each leg)

Lunge and bicep curl (10 each leg)

Abs finisher: 5 minutes of ab workouts of your choice with 1 min plank 

Disclaimer: I am not a personal trainer. These are workouts Jake and I crafted from other workouts we've done or ideas from workout books. Use at your own risk and consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program. 

FitCami Fannin