Apple Fest: Fall is Here

Call me basic but I love apples. I love apples even more in the fall. So when I found out that there was an entire festival here in Chicago dedicated to apples, I knew what I was doing on Saturday. 

Located in the Lincoln Square/Ravenswood neighborhood, the aroma of apples filled the air as tent after tent was filled with different apple creations. From apple pie, to apple donuts, to pulled pork with apple topping, there was something for every tastebud. 


Jake and I searched the whole festival for applewood smoked bacon but could not find it. We landed on an apple funnel cake, apple cider, and a caramel apple. I also took home a bunch of honeycrisp and I've been enjoying them all week! 


We have plans to visit an orchard coming up in the next few weeks so my apple obsession is far from over. Be sure to follow @camilikeatanktop to stay updated on all the apple goodness.  

food+drinkCami Fannin