I Revamped My Lunchtime Routine + Here's What Happened

Everyone always talks about how important it is to have a morning and/or night routine, especially in terms of wellness. I had tried several different morning and night routines but nothing stuck - I already had routines and even if they aren’t the healthiest in society standards, they make me happy and they work for me. I did notice that there was one part of my day that was just kind of wasted on Facebook videos - my lunch hour. I get a whole hour for lunch and typically take all of it because I believe it’s a good chance to get refreshed before the second part of my workday. Yet, I’d spend it at my desk watching videos on Facebook or scrolling through Instagram. I realized it was a huge part of my day that I could transform in order to feel a little more healthy and productive.

Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 9.20.23 PM.png

Walking has always been a key part of my fitness journey. It seems so underrated but the more I find myself walking, the more toned I am. Walking actually has so many benefits as a workout - it’s been proven to be essential in weight management because it’s simple, costs nothing, burns calories but also maintains lean muscle, and regulates your metabolic rate. Some studies even found that walking contributed to better weight loss around the midsection. Walking can also boost your mood, reduce risk of chronic diseases, improve digestion and cardiovascular health, among many other benefits (according to Google searches). As you can see, walking is a great thing to add into your routine. The only issue is I had trouble finding a good time to add a 30-40 minute walk into my day. Boom - lunch time. I started taking 30 minute walks during my lunch hour. This gave me a little time for myself - to enjoy the sunshine, get a little workout in, boost my mood and refresh my mind in the middle of the work day. During 30-40 minutes also allowed me enough time to eat my lunch afterwards and scroll through Instagram :)

I also added in a five minute mediation to help clear my head and get rid of the morning’s stress. I then cut out the Facebook Videos and instead focus on engaging on Instagram since that’s productive to me in terms of my blog.

Adding in walking and meditation has greatly impacted not only my productivity at work, but also my overall day. I get in extra cardio, can hit the gym harder for strength training and just overall feel better. I feel healthier. I feel stronger. I feel more grounded.

I cannot recommend switching your lunch time routine up a bit more. Definitely take the full lunch break you’re given and use it for yourself. It does wonders for your mental health to prioritize yourself in the middle of the day.

fitnessCami Fannin