Remembering Karl Lagerfeld: Lessons Learned from the Fashion Icon

It’s crazy timing that I watched my favorite movie The Devil Wears Prada this weekend - a movie that reawakened my passion for fashion and mentioned Karl Lagarfeld among a list of icons - merely days before the world heard the news of Lagarfeld’s passing. It’s no secret that he was an icon. He made Paris into the fashion capital of the world and fundamentally changed the world of fashion that we know today. As I’m remembering why I love fashion and trying to get back into that world, I want to take time to reflect on some of the lessons Karl Lagarfeld taught me.

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“Elegance is an attitude”

While he helmed Chanel into the powerhouse it is today, this quote shows what fashion is truly about. Clothes and accessories give you the confidence to lean into your elegance. Fashion brings you into a new attitude. That’s why people fall in love with it - fashion is about feelings and Lagarfeld understood that and brought that idea to the masses. It’s a constant reminder that no matter what I wear, I have to wear it with confidence and elegance.

“A respectable apperance is sufficieny to mak people more interested in uour soul.”

Again, Lagarfeld is reminding us that fashion is an extension of us. It is a chance to show our personality and spirit. It invites people to get to know you from the outside - enticing them to see what’s on the inside. Wear what represents you and makes you feel comfortable.

“Change is the healthiest way to survive.”

Big fan of this quote. Change is the only way to survive. It is so important to constantly evolve, improve and better yourself to reach your full potential. Lagarfeld understood that and taught the world to embrace change.

“Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life and you bought some sweatpants.”

This is one of his controversial quotes, but I think he’s onto something. While I love sweatpants more than the next person, I typically wear them at home or out in public when IDGAF. It’s for days when I’m tired, lazy and don’t want to do anything but watch Netflix. I may not have lost control of my life but I definitely am not at the top of my game ready to conquer the world.

What did Karl Lagarfeld teach you? Whether you like him and his views of sweatpants or not, he did change the fashion world and influence pop culture for decades to come. He will be missed greatly.

styleCami Fannin