How to Have the Best Valentine's Day (Single or Taken)

My all-time favorite holiday is almost here!!!! Valentine’s Day!!! Y’all, I love love. I love celebrating all forms of love - romantic, friendships + love for yourself. Like this day is just the best. Those that hate this holiday are just missing out on what makes it wonderful. My secret to loving this holiday is to embrace it for what it is - an obnoxious, over-the-top, cheesy display of affection.

I’ve put together this guide to show you how to make the best our of your Valentine’s Day!

The Setting

Decorate your home for the perfect night in with your boo, your babes, or yourself. I’ve curated my favorite home accessories for this month:

The Outfit

From cozy sweaters, decorative tops, and sweetheart sweaters, I’ve curated my top picks to provide the best outfits for whatever you plan to do on this special night. Everything below comes in red or pink colors:

Date Ideas

  • Wine night. Take it up a notch + head to a local wine bar (only for 21+ babes)

  • Go see a movie together, whether it be rom-com or horror. (Jake + I are heading to see “Isn’t It Romantic” this year!)

  • Bake a cake

  • Go to an arcade

  • Go mini-golfing

  • Have a game night

  • Cook a fancy dinner together

  • Do literally anything that involves turning off your phone + sending time with your loved ones.

What are your Valentine’s Day plans? Do you love the holiday as much as me?

Have a healthy + happy Valentine’s Day loves!



styleCami Fannin