All My New Years Resolutions Failed + Here's How I Feel About It

It’s quite ironic that my last post was about how to keep to your resolutions and I’m here to tell you today that I’ve only kept one of them. And here’s the thing - I’m happy about it. Yes, I am happy I failed at my resolutions.

To recap, I wanted to:

  • read a book once a month

  • make a new recipe a month

  • watch a documentary one a month

  • practice French every week.

The only resolution I’ve kept is watching a documentary. I’ve actually watched three - What the Health and both Fyre Festival documentaries. The other resolutions - I didn’t even make it out of the gate with them.

So why am I happy about it? Because I realized that these resolutions didn’t mean much to me. I made these resolutions at the beginning of the year to try and be a better person, or rather in my mind, to be more perfect. These were things that real adults did. Sure, they all seem great and definitely things I want to do, but right now, they aren’t truly and realistically important to me. I love the meals I currently make. I really enjoy watching a TV show with my fiancé before bed. I have a lot of things on my plate and focusing on these resolutions that aren’t truly important to me was a waste of energy.


I’m not saying I’m never doing these or letting them go completely, but I’m refocusing my energy. In my previous post detailing my 2019 goals, I mentioned keeping up with my healthy lifestyle, planning my wedding and growing my platform. My other goal that I didn’t mention was about my career. I’m trying to grow + learn + lead more in my career and keep developing it. These are the goals that matter most to me. These are the goals I’ve been focused on and that I’ve made progress on. These goals will get me to where I want to go. The other resolutions, they are great goals to focus on, once I reach my other goals.

I share this to encourage you to reevaluate your resolutions/goals/intentions. Are you making progress or failing? If you are failing, are these goals really that important to you or is your energy better spent elsewhere? With the close of the month, this is the time to set yourself up for the next 11 months of the year and beyond. Make sure you’re heading in the direction that truly matters to you.

Have a healthy + happy month!

lifeCami Fannin