Dream Dress with Garment Creative

Hi y'all! A few months ago I wrote about my wine + design event with Garment Creative where I designed my own dress. (If you missed my first post about Garment Creative, read here.)

I was so excited this past week when I checked the mail and my dress had arrived! It is everything I imagined. I love the silhouette, the print, the fabric- everything is amazing and I can't believe I designed it! 

Here it is: 

When I created this, I fell in love with the floral print. It caught my eye immediately and I knew I had to design something with it. I also knew I wanted a summery dress so white was an obvious choice to pair the print with. 

I toyed around for a loooonng time to decide if white should be on top or bottom or just sides or what and I finally decided on a full print skirt with a white top. 


To tie the print and white top together, I changed the stitching on the top to a blush pink, matching the floral print pink. I chose a black stitch for the bottom so it could pop against the pink background.

I can't wait to strut around in this dress for years to come! 

What do you think? Want to design your own? If you're in Chicago, schedule a girls wine + design night at https://www.thegarmentcreative.com/. It's so much fun! 

styleCami Fannin