Adulting: How to Get Your Ish Together | Coping with Stress

Life is crazy busy right now. I’m trying my hardest with this blog, I’m working out (#BBG Week 7 coming atcha) almost every day, at work we are in our busiest season and wedding planning is in full speed ahead. It’s been hectic around here and stress has inevitably creeped up.

Part of being an adult is learning to cope with stress. No matter how hard we try, stress is a part of our lives at one point or another. I do believe some stress is beneficial. Take for example, work. When I have a bit of stress, I’m more productive because I have a kick in the butt to do it. Yet too much stress can kill productivity, harm creativity and tear down confidence. I’ve been in that place and I’m just getting out of it. I wanted to share some of the ways I alleviate stress and maybe help you out to.

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1) Spend time with friends

This is the best thing for me personally. When I get too stressed out, I spend a week breaking up my routine and spending as much time as possible with my good friends. These people lift me up, calm me down and remind me how to have fun and be myself, especially at times I don’t feel like myself.

Last week I was extremely stressed out. So this week, I had a wine night with my bestie, a walk with my friend, and meet up with a new friend. I also had amazing conversations with my blogger babes. Just a few days into the week and I’m feeling so much better.

2) Move your body

I’m a huge advocate of exercise as a way to cope with stress. Typically a good workout can reset my entire mood. Ironically, my workout routine has caused a lot of stress on me lately, but I’m using other methods of movement like yoga and dance to alleviate my stress. Whether its a walk, run, class, gym session, yoga, dance, whatever - movement releases endorphins and as Elle Woods said, endorphins make you happy.

3) Let it go

By this I mean let go of your expectations, let go of your perfect plans and let go of your routine. When I’m stressed doing random things, after work adventures or just following my instinct and doing what I want in the moment can make all the difference. For example, I always work out when I get home from work. But when I’m stressed I’ll plan a happy hour or go to a movie after work and do a walk during lunch to get my workout in. That shift in my routine and doing what I want to do that day (an adventure or movie) can reignite my creativity and passion for life.

4) Talk it out

Just talking about what you’re feeling or why can be a great way to work your stress out and find the underlying root of the issue. When I’m stressed I try and hide it but I’ve learned that the second I tell someone about it, I realize I’m not alone and I feel much better.

5) Wine & Chocolate

Yep, this is totally valid and definitely necessary.

6) Keep going

Stress happens. Keep going, pushing and moving forward and soon enough your stressful time will be a thing of the past.

I will be okay. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow, but one of these days, I will be okay.

I hope this helps anyone going through a stressful time in their lives. You are not alone- everyone feels this way, even that girl on Instagram who’s life looks perfect. Just breathe and know that everything will be okay.

What are your favorite ways to de-stress?

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