Sale Alert: Nasty Gal Sale

I love Nasty Gal! It's always been a go-to for style inspiration and when I want to change up my look. I love how it pushes the borders, has a ton of retro-themed items and is fashion-forward. 

BUUUTTT Nasty Gal has always been a bit outside my collegiate and post-grad budget. I've browsed and perused but never actually bought anything. That is until tonight when I was scrolling around and came across the greatest sale ever. Nasty Gal is having 50% off sale - of everything*. 

Let me repeat that: 50% off everything* on Nasty Gal. Yep, get on that. (P.S. I have no idea what the little * on everything is but Nasty Gal has it on their site so I felt it was important to include just in case not everything is covered on the sale.) 

I've linked a few of my favorite products from this sale, mainly some classic/retro-style tees and some fun pants to help in the transition between summer and fall. The best thing is the most expensive thing on my list is $35. Definitely within my budget for a few steal pieces. 


styleCami Fannin