Summer Tank Top Biceps & Triceps Workout

Currently, my workout routine consists of 3 run days and 3 arm lifting sessions and one rest day. I do this bi/tri workout about once a week, in addition to shoulders and pec workouts. It's great for building strength and sculpting your arms. Reps and sets in parentheses. (sets x reps per set). I have built my weight up to be around 10-15 lbs. for free weights, depending on the exercise, and about 40 lbs. on the machine for pulldowns. When I started I was in the 5-8 lbs. range. It really just depends on your body, but I recommend writing your weights down every time so you can see your progress and how strong you're getting! 

An important note for this workout is to always alternate between a bicep and tricep exercise. It helps rest the muscles so you can make it through the whole workout! 

1) Bicep curl set (3x8 each)

a. normal bicep curls

b. bicep curls halfway from bottom

c. bicep curls halfway from top 

2) Overhead tricep extension (3x12) 

3) Bicep pull down on the machine (10, 8, 6; increase weight as you go) 

4) Tricep kickback (3x10) 

5) Hammer curl (3x10)

6) Tricep extension on machine (3x12) 

7) Incline curl (3x8)

8) Close-grip push ups (2x15) 

Disclaimer: I am not a personal trainer. These are workouts Jake and I crafted from other workouts we've done or ideas from workout books. Use at your own risk and consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program. 

FitCami Fannin