Wear Confidence, Live Confident with Wear Lively

What does it mean to be confident? 

Some say it means to own it - whatever it is. 

Some say it is being you. 

Some say it is not wondering if everyone will like you, but rather saying "I don't care who likes me, I like me and I'm going to keep doing me." 

All versions of what confidence is focuses on being yourself and doing that. 

When I had the opportunity to collaborate with Wear Lively, I was so excited. The real me loves comfort over everything - not necessarily the comfort zone, but physical comfort like soft clothes and cuddly sweaters. 

The cutest packaging!! 

The cutest packaging!! 

I was excited until I realized I needed to take photos in the product. Remember how I said comfort for me didn't really mean the comfort zone - while, this was wayyyyy outside my comfort zone. 

But luckily Wear Lively has the biggest community of supportive, like-minded women. After seeing others and realizing that I could make the photos exactly how I wanted, I decided I wanted to push myself outside of the comfort zone and celebrate myself. 

I started a fitness journey 2 years ago and I've come along way. This gave me a chance to celebrate how far I've come, how much I've learned to accept my body following my eating disorder and just be confidently me. 


I love the confidence that Wear Lively encourages of its customers. What's better - the bras are the most comfortable things I've ever put on. I live in it now. I live in the bra like I live in my confidence. 

I want to help you feel as confident as I do. Celebrate your body and enjoy your first $10 off using this link: https://www.wearlively.com/discount/AMB-camilikeatanktop2

What makes you confident?  

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Wear Lively. As an ambassador, I receive free product in exchange for blog posts. 

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