Veggie-in' out

I love eating healthy. I definitely am not perfect and I'm about to go get ice cream once I finish typing this, but generally I try and live a healthy lifestyle. Part of that lifestyle is trying to limit meat consumption. I'm not vegan or vegetarian, but I try to live a more plant-based lifestyle where vegetables and fruits are the center of my meals. 

Thankfully, around the block from my apartment is Veggie Grill. With veggie-based meals filling the menu, eating plant-based has never been easier. It's much more than salads, although the bowls and salads are my favorites. They have veggie burgers, "chickin," and other meals to entice meat lovers to try a veggie meal. 


Last week I was invited to a tasting for Veggie Grill's summer menu. We had samples of the grilled corn, the artichoke flatbread, and the strawberry cake dessert. I choose the smokehouse impossible burger for my main course. I was not expecting the strong flavor palette and burger-like texture. All the food is delicious and I loved meeting my fellow Chicago bloggers. 

Aside from the delicious Veggie Grill, I love adding vegan protein to my smoothies. Propello Life is for sure my favorite and I love the chocolate vegan protein. It adds so much flavor to my smoothies, like this one: 

1 banana

1 scoop of Propello Life vegan protein powder 

1 scoop of peanut butter 


I'm excited to continue learning about this new lifestyle and finding new restaurants or foods that fit into it. Any suggestions y'all know about?