My Morning Routine

Have you ever been running late and have been left frazzled the rest of the day? That's the absolute worst. I hate being rushed so I try and wake up an hour to an hour and a half before I need to leave. I love the early morning - it's time for just myself and to set the right intentions for the day. If I have a good morning I will have a good day. If I have a bad morning, well it just get worse (normally). 

If this is like you, I'm sure you know the importance of a morning routine. Here's a glimpse of my morning routine. 

6:05: My first alarm goes off. I typically hit snooze a few times - I'm terrible at that. 

6:15: I actually get up and light stretching to get my body awake.

6:20: Start getting ready (brush teeth, wash face with Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleaner, put in contacts, etc.) 

6:25: Start make up - I just got into makeup again (to see my beauty routine, check out my blog post here.

6:35: Style hair - typically natural waves are a go-to for me, but if I have a meeting or an important event then I'll take an extra 10 minutes to straighten or curl it. 

6:45: Pick out an outfit for the day - typically a dress 

6:50: Pack my lunch - I've been loving Trader Joe's salads for easy prep. 

7:00: Breakfast and watch the morning news. I also take the time here to read up on the news on my phone. I love The Skimm and The Newsette to kick start my day. 

7:20: Leave for the bus 

7:45: Arrive at work and get my day started (officially) 

On the weekends I take more time to stretch, read and make a more in-depth breakfast (omelet, smoothies, etc.) 

What do you do in the mornings? 

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