Guide to Giving: Gift of dollars

If you missed my last Guide to Giving on giving time, read it here.

Another way to give is by giving money. This one is the hardest for me since I’m a post-grad so I don’ve have a lot of money. But there are a few ways you can give back through dollars, which is a little more doable for my post-grads.

1. Each paycheck

My parents had me do this when I was a kid and it’s something I wish I did more often. Each time I got my allowance, I had to separate my earnings into three categories: spending, saving and sharing. I believe it was 40% spending, 30% saving and 30% sharing, aka charity giving. It was a great way to teach me about finances and I definitely want to take this practice up again. If you do this per paycheck or once a month, you’ll be able to give a bit to charity and make an impact.

2. Shopping donations

It may seem small but every once in a while I like to donate a $1 or $2 when I’m at the check out. There’s also specific brands that donate a percentage to charity, like Acta Wear. I love these brands and I try and shop at them as much as possible.

3. Donate per year

Some people prefer to donate a lump sum around the holidays or at the beginning of year. I think this is a great idea, especially if there is a charity that you love to support and want to make a big impact right away.

I in no way think you need to donate in order to give back, but my parents did instill in me the value of sharing your wealth and helping others through financial means. I think it’s an important lesson, especially in selflessness.

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