4 Ways to Style a Head Scarf

For months I've seen hair scarves become a booming trend on Instagram. I desperately wanted one because they looked SOOOO CUTE! When Hexi Silk reached out to me about collaborating, I was so excited! 

I combed the site and took forever to decide because I loved all of them. I finally decided to order the Pale Pink Peach Skinny Scarf. I wanted a few weeks and couldn't have been more excited for it to arrive. 

The scarf is made from high-quality silk and you can definitely tell the difference. It is so smooth, durable and a gorgeous print! I first tried it as a hair scarf in my pony tail but found there are so many ways to style a scarf - more than just in your hair. 

1. Hair tie


2. Headband

3. Bag tie


4. Arm candy


What's your favorite way to style a scarf? 

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Hexi Silk. In exchange for this blog post I received free product. 

styleCami Fannin