Birthday Gift Guide

That's right, it's almost my birthday! Gotta love Gemini season. You know what's funny, I've noticed that once it hits Gemini season, all these people are posting about Gemini season and Facebook has all those memes about girls putting on tiaras for their birthday month. Maybe all my friends are born in Gemini season or maybe there's just something about being a Gemini that makes us want everyone to know its our birthday season...

Either way, now you know that I am a proud Gemini and my horoscope describes me 100% perfectly. I'm a Gemini through and through. This year I'm turning 22 so I've put together a little gift guide for anyone considering getting me any presents (hint, hint). 

1. Give a compliment

Post on your friend's Instagram that she looks incredible that day, or if you like that girl in front of you in the Target check out's shirt, tell her it's freaking cute. Be generous with your compliments, you'll never run out ;) 

2. Pay for the person behind you in line

This is my favorite! My mom does this all the time and I love her generosity. Next time you're in Starbucks or the McDonald's drive through (we all do it, don't lie), just tell the cashier you want to pay for the next person. You'll be surprised how long the chain reaction can go. 

3. Send that text 

Text that friend you haven't spoken to in a while. Text a photo to your grandma to let her know you're still alive. Check in with people and reach out to rekindle any friendships/relationships that need a little TLC. 

4. Smile 

Share that gorgeous smile with the world. RBF was trendy for a while, but smiles never go out of style. 

5. Bake & Share

Everyone loves a good homemade treat. Pop something good in your oven for your SO, friends, mom or neighbors. Just be sure to share.

6. Make a card

Make a card for the troops, for kids in the hospital, for an elderly home, for your parents, whoever you choose put a little love into your card for them. 

7. Hold the door open for someone


8. Hold the elevator door open for someone

Yep, I see you pressing "door close" when you see someone coming. Hold it for them. You may make a new friend (shout out to the blonde girl from floor 8 at my new building who held it for me on moving day, sorry I didn't get your name.) 

9. Put the phone down 

When someone is talking to you, just put it down. Focus on the real person in front of you. (Guilty and trying to work on this one)

10. Recycle 

Be kind to the Earth today and make an effort to recycle. 

11. Skip the straw

Help our adorable wild sea life and skip the straw.

12. Text good morning or good night

Send your BFF, SO, parents, etc. a quick text to let them know you're thinking of them. 

13. Don't judge

Harder said than done, but make a conscious effort to not judge today. 

14. Stop and talk 

We all see someone on the street who is experiencing homelessness. Our first instinct is to avoid eye contact and avoid conversations, whether that's motivated from fear of not being able to help them, fear of not knowing what to say, or fear that they will ask for money or try and steal. More often than not (and from my 8+ years of experience working with those experiencing homelessness) they just want human connection. A simple "hi, how are you today?" can make all the difference. Sometimes they won't respond how you think, but sometime you'll share an intimate human connection that will only last a few moments in physical time, but a lifetime in your memory. 

15. Thank someone

Genuinely thank someone. Whether it's your mom, dad, SO, boss, friend, doorman, Starbucks barista - take an extra second to genuinely thank them for all they do for you. 

IMG_5005 (1).JPG

16. Listen

You can have a conversation and not listen to someone. Make an effort to listen to someone and really understand what they are saying and where they are coming from. 

17. Reusable bags 

Bring reusable bags when you go shopping, no matter what type of shopping.

18. Ethical shopping 

There are so many organizations out there with adorable clothes, knickknacks, jewelry, etc. that are all for a good cause. Some of my favorites: WEND, The Giving Keys, ADERA, Go Rings, and Our Spare Change

19. Donate a $1 

You know at the check out when the cashier asks if you want to donate a $1 to [insert charity]. Just do it. Pay that extra dollar, or round up your next Lyft ride for charity. 

20. Be polite on the road 

Let someone in, don't cut people off, don't throw the finger. Just be nice and pretend your window is open the whole time. 

21. Leave a sticky note in the public bathroom 

Just a simple, "have a great day" or "you are beautiful" can go a long way. 

22. Do an act of service

Find a cause you're passionate about and volunteer today/this week. Animal shelter, meals for those experiencing homelessness, etc. If you can't find something, do something yourself. Go visit puppies in the shelter to give them some love, clean up the water bed nearest you, make a meal and deliver it to someone experiencing homelessness, etc. There's so many options. 

Caught you didn't I? This year, I don't want gifts. I just want to change the world a little bit. So on June 21 (my birthday) I'm hoping you'll join me in this #22BirthdayWishes challenge.

Share the below photo on your IG or IG Stories using the hashtag and get your friends on it too. Then on June 21, challenge yourself to complete all 22 items on the list or for the rest of June work to complete all 22 items. Share with me (@camilikeatanktop) what you did. I can't want to see! Let's go change the world -- will you help me?  

Share this on social media to let everyone know what you're doing! 

Share this on social media to let everyone know what you're doing! 

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