Summer Essentials with XO Mandy Sue

I'm a true girly-girl at heart. Growing up, I was always scared to be too girly-girl because being basic wasn't cool. You had to be hipster and cool and not care too much about anything. Truthfully, I cared about beauty, fashion and pop culture. I loved Starbucks, Uggs and wearing pink on Wednesday. As I've become an adult, I've learned to embrace my girly-girl side and have incorporated more pastels and neutrals into my wardrobe. 

This striped dress from XO Mandy Sue caught my eye right away. I loved the feminine structure of the dress, the delicate pattern and the soft, pastel blue color. It's the perfect girly summer dress - I can picture myself wearing it to the beach, on a stroll in the park, to brunch, to church, and anywhere in between. Paired with sandals or heels, the dress is perfect for any occasion. 

For any girl out there afraid to show their girly side because it's against pop culture, I encourage you to do you. I've been told that wearing pink continues the patriarchy, but I personally find freedom in wearing pink. I do it for myself, not for anyone else. And that's what fashion is supposed to be. It's supposed to be your self-expression. It shows the world who you are but it is designed and created by you and for you. If you like pink, go wear pink. If you like Starbucks, go get your frappicino without the shot of irony. If you're not girly or #basic, that's totally fine, go do you and wear what you want. 


Fashion is not for people to judge, it's a way for you to understand and make sense of the world around you and to find your voice among everyone else. Thanks XO Mandy Sue for letting me embrace and reclaim my girly side. My followers can enjoy a 35% discount with code "CAMI35" to find and embrace their style. What will yours be? 

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by XO Mandy Sue. In exchange for this post, I received a discount and set up a discount for my followers. 


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