San Diego Travel Guide


Who says spring break ends at college graduation? This year I saved my vacation time to enjoy a spring break with Jake and my family. We headed to sunny California and spent a week in San Diego. I wanted to share some highlights of the trip with you. 

Day 1: Shops at Seaport Village 

After arriving in San Diego we headed to the pier and shops. It was so nice to just walk around in the sunshine and be near the water. We enjoyed a late lunch at a Hawaiian-inspired restaurant and I had a burger that changed my life. It had pineapple and mayo on it and I will never be the same.


Day 2: San Diego Zoo 

This is the classic spot to go to. The zoo was incredible! I really felt like I was traveling to different parts of the world and I felt like I was in a jungle. The animals were so active; it was entertaining. The zoo was a bit pricy ($50 per ticket) and you are going to walk a ton. We walked over five miles and there's tons of hills. It's a must-go. 


Day 3: Cornado Island 

This is picture-esque California. Perfect beaches, gorgeous homes and idylic palm trees fill the island outside of San Diego proper. We headed to the Hotel Del Cornado, grabbed a drink, played on the beach and enjoyed the sunshine. 


Day 4: La Jolla/Balboa Park 

20 minutes north of San Diego, La Jolla is a gorgeous beach town of mansions, cliffs and sea lions close enough to pet (but don't, seriously do not do that). I loved walking along the shore and listening to the sea lions and seals. It was so cool to see them in their natural habitat. 

That afternoon we headed back to San Diego and headed to Balboa Park, which is amazing! The architecture, the gardens, and the best backgrounds for photos made this one of my favorite places to visit. I felt like I was in Spain all over again. It was relaxing and just a fun time to walk through the park. Another must-go. 


Day 5: Carlsbad/Rancho Mission Viejo

I begged my dad to drive up two hours to Carlsbad so I could go see the flower fields and it did not disappoint. I definitely recommend if you have time for a mini-road trip to go head up there. The road trip worked out because my dads were able to see their friends and Jake and I went to visit his brother and sister-in-law. It was so good to see them and meet their cute little dog, Aspen. I would like to note that I beat Aspen in a game of tug-a-war (Cami: 1, Aspen: 20+) 


Day 6: Winery Tours in Temecula  

A longer road trip this time, but we headed to Temecula and went to four wineries. I had so much fun. We first visited Callaway Vineyard & Winery where Jake and I split a wonderful champagne flight. The second winery was gorgeous (great wedding venue) and allowed us to have 6 glasses for the tasting price. I loved the Annate blanc (a white) and the hummus and brie were great snacks to pair with wine. We then went to Southern Coast Winers, one of most awarded wineries in the area. There I tried the 2016 Sauvignon blanc, the Boulder Red, the 2013 Wild Horse Peak Syrah and the 2012 TNT. I loved the Boulder Red and the Syrah. Finally, we headed to Wilson Creek which had my all time favorite -- almond sparkling wine. It's amazing and I'm 100% ordering it online. They also had the Decadencia chocolate cup -- a port wine with chocolate almond tini taken as a shot in a Dutch dark chocolate chip cup that you eat after. Amazing. 


Day 7: Downtown San Diego

I was not expecting the thriving downtown scene of San Diego. Endless dining options, ice cream shops galore, and countless bars. It's definitely a fun time. We headed to La Puerta and I loved the food. I got tacos made from melted cheese shells! Highly recommend. 

Other highlights:

  • Seeing one of my good friends!
  • In-N-Out, enough said. 
  • Warm weather 
  • Acai bowls every morning, my favorite! 

Anyone from San Diego or anyone heading there soon? Share with me your thoughts! 

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