City Slickin' with Mailey Rose

One of my favorite parts of living in a city is the skyline. Seeing the mix of architecture sparkle against the night sky or seeing the sun rise and reflect off the skyscrapers will never get old.

Jake and I live close to Fullerton Beach in Chicago. I love it because it has the best skyline view and its a perfect mix of sandy beach and city concrete beach. In the summer we love to walk down to the beach and just sit and talk. We would do it every day if we could. As the temperature is starting to warm up, I'm getting so excited to go on those walks again! 

As I was thinking about the beach and our summer walks, I looked across my room and noticed a new package from Mailey Rose. Do you ever buy an outfit and the second you put it on it becomes your new favorite thing? Well that happened to me. I found this adorable striped sweater (Saylor sweater) at Mailey Rose and knew I had to have it. The second I put it on I fell in love and I knew exactly where I wanted to wear it. 


At the first semi-warm day, I grabbed Jake, our new camera and headed out to wear my perfect sweater to the most perfect spot in the city. The nautical-like vibes, the structure of the sweater and the bright yellow and navy color combo complimented the skyline perfectly and kept me warm against the breezy lakefront. 

To pull in the city vibes, I paired my nautical look with the Maverick sunglasses from Uplift Shades. I loved the contrast of the bright sweater and the black shades. The pieces complimented each other so well. 


This sweater is sure to be a regular in my wardrobe and I can't wait to wear it on cool summer nights and during transitional weather (spring/fall). It makes me want to go buy a sailboat...hey Jake...birthday gift idea? 

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Mailey Rose and Uplift Shades. In exchange for writing this post, I received discounts on product. 

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