Back to Blonde with Spoke and Weal

I do not take hairstylists lightly. I have been with the same hair stylist since 8th grade. She's been through everything with me: she's heard about every friend fight, every boyfriend, every break up, every life event, every family drama, everything that has happened in the last 8 years. She's also been through my decisions to chop my hair off, dye it brunette, dye it back to blonde, add layers, etc. I do not trust just anyone with my hair. 

When I first moved to Chicago, I had an elaborate plan where I'd go home every few months to get my hair done. After 9 months of living in Chicago, I realized I may have to give that up. My blonde hair was basically brown and I could not travel back to Ohio as often as I thought I would. As I was starting to accept my fate, I got a DM on Instagram from Noemi Amelotti, a colorist at Spoke and Weal. She said she wanted me to come into the salon and she would do my color. It was such a blessing! 

My Uber dropped me off at Belmont in front of the salon. Upon entering, I was greeted and had my coat hung up before being handed the comfiest tee to change into so I didn't ruin my clothes (tbh it was so comfy I considered stealing it. Don't worry I didn't but the thought crossed my mind). I was then given water (or tea) and a 5+ minute neck massage. Yep, you read that right. A massage to start your hair color off. 

When Noemi came over to get started, she was so understanding and really helped me figure out what I wanted to do. I wanted to do a balayage blonde and she definitely delivered. Noemi was so fun to talk to and I loved getting to know her! Continuing with the best hospitality, the salon allowed me to charge my dying phone and allowed me to borrow a charger. After my color set, I received a hand and arm massage before the shampoo and conditioner. Two massages and one hair color. Heck yes! 

After styling my hair the way I asked, I was left with a gorgeous new look and so much joy and relaxation. It was one of the best hair color experiences. I definitely recommend checking them out. 


Things to Know:

-At the salon, hair colorist and hair cutters are different. If you show up for a hair color only, do not expect a hair cut, as well. 

-I do not know the prices but I've heard they are quite expensive. I recieved my first color for free so if you try them out and its more than your post-grad budget can afford, please don't say I didn't warn you. 


Disclosure: This post is not sponsored, however I did receive a free color. 

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