Let's Brunch: Blogger Brunch with Lil Epic Design

Waffles, fruit, mimosas—say the word brunch and I’m there. I was so excited when Lil Epic Design invited me to their first blogger brunch. I love meeting new people and I thought this would be a great way to connect with fellow bloggers.

While it was a freezing cold day in Chicago, I decided to dawn a boho blush dress I picked up from Nina Leonard and paired it with open toed booties from Francesca’s. Not the best idea when there is snow on the ground. It worked out though because the loft space that Lil Epic Design hosted the brunch in was adorable, light and had a color scheme that really complemented the blush color.


Walking into the loft, we were greeted by an elegant table display, a mimosa bar, a waffle bar, a snack “protein” bar and the most drop-dead gorgeous floral wall. It was like a bloggers heaven in there with so many photo opportunities.


Other than the mimosas, I loved getting to mingle with all the other bloggers! Of course, my blogger bestie @berryne was there and I also got to know @eveningcrickets @nikki_the_blogger @katelyndupree_ @stylearoundtheclock @dresdessup. These girls are so sweet and I hope to see them around more!


I also loved getting to know more about Lil Epic Design and some of its partners—No Vases and Altissma. These vendors are doing big things and I’m so thankful to have had the time to meet them. No Vases taught us how to make our own arrangements and Altissma showed us her delicious cake gems—the most beautiful and delicious cake pops I’ve ever had.

P.S. that gold gem is edible and it tastes better than you can imagine. 

P.S. that gold gem is edible and it tastes better than you can imagine. 

It was one of the best Sundays and I cannot wait for the next one. P.S. Lil Epic Design will be hosting blogger brunches every month—the next one is March 18th! If you’re a Chicago blogger check it out sometime; I promise you’ll have a blast.

Photos by the amazing Nicole Berry.

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