What Motivates Me To Be Healthy (x Propello Life)

I remember this freshman in college. She yearned to be fit – she would stalk girl’s Instagams for fitspo, she would research workout plans and nutrition guides and she dreamed of being one of those girls who woke up early on a Saturday morning to workout and get a green juice after. In reality, she slept past noon on weekends, binged on pints and pints of Ben & Jerry’s, avoided the gym and couldn’t find a way to get herself to make a change.

That girl was me.

Thankfully, I’m not that girl anymore. I’m who I’ve always dreamed of being: I wake up on Saturday mornings to workout, I drink green juice, and I’m my own fitspo. I’m not sure which girl you are, or if you fall somewhere in between. Either way we can all agree that finding the motivation to be healthy in a world of Netflix and Grubhub is hard. Here’s what keeps me motivated:

1. My choice

I made a big lifestyle change quickly because I choose to. For years, my parents, my friends and everyone in between tried to get me to be healthier. They tried to get me to workout or eat healthier. But nothing worked until I made the choice – until I decided to change my life for myself, no one else. And that keeps me motivated. The fact that every healthy choice I make is a choice made by me and for me, and that choice has the potential to even save my life – that’s so empowering.

2. Variety

Since choosing a healthier lifestyle, I haven’t kept to the same routine. I always switch up my workouts, my food, my schedule, my yoga practice – it keeps things fresh and fun and helps me stay motivated. If I stick with the same routine then working out or being healthy starts to feel like a chore instead of a fun activity or a passion.

3. Education

Part of what motivated me to initially change my lifestyle was a class I took in college. I thought “foodie cultures” was going to be the best class ever and I’d learn all about food around the world. Nope, I was very wrong. It was all about how corrupt the food system is, how toxic packaged foods are and how unjust trade practices are. It really opened my eyes to see food differently. That led me to further educate myself with books, online research and documentaries. I explored becoming vegan after watching several documentaries but it was not sustainable for me (I wish it was, I really respect veganism!). After my education, I definitely see food not as a treat, but as fuel that I need to choose wisely.

Just because I have a healthier lifestyle doesn’t mean I don’t struggle sometimes. I normally look for new foods or workouts to keep me going, which is why I love Propello Life. It’s a company based in my hometown of Dublin, Ohio, that sells delicious protein powder in so many yummy flavors. It was founded by brother duo Duke and Todd. With a lifelong passion for health and fitness, Duke and Todd wanted create a company that would inspire, educate and fuel active lives. And boy did they make a great company. The products I’m loving right now are the vegan protein, whey protein, and rejuvenating aminos in cherry vanilla flavor. I love these products because they are non-GMO, antibiotic-free and packed with protein. I know that every time I choose to make a smoothie with Propello Life in it, I’m making a healthier choice with products that are sustainable, nutritious and minimally processed. I also love that it provides a bit of variety in my nutrition routine and helps fuel me through new workouts. 


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Propello Life understands that everyone has their WHY – something that drives them to live healthier. In Latin, Propello means “Motivated,” so Propello Life stands for “Motivated Life,” which fuels the tag line “LIVE FOR IT.” Together, Propello Life and I want to encourage you to find what you are living for – what motivates you?


Disclosure: I received free product in exchange for a blog post. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.