Wedding Update 2 + Pumpkin Spice Tee Details

What’s up y’all! As promised, here’s a quick wedding planning update!

There are about 200 days until the wedding and I’m feeling pretty good in terms of planning.

Since we last talked weddings (view here), we’ve booked the videographer, the planner, the hotel block, the florist, the wait staff, the cake & dessert table, and the officiant. We’ve also asked all of our bridal party, sent out save the dates, and most importantly I’ve chosen my dress!!! That is for sure under wraps right now, only my parents and bridesmaids get to see it, but I can’t wait to show you after the wedding!

Now that we’ve booked pretty much everything except the food (ordering pizza, duh!), the bar and decor, we’re resting a bit before picking things back up again. I’m feeling more relaxed about wedding planning, but it is still the most stressful thing I’ve ever done. Ladies, do not overlook how much work it is and do not try to do it all yourself. Enlist a planner or your parents or your friends — you need help for this thing!

I’ve also been fueling up with Starbucks before any major wedding planning session. Since it’s fall, pumpkin spice lattes have been everywhere. I’m not a coffee drinker, and I just found out that Starbucks has a pumpkin spice chai tea latte- SCORE! I’ve been enjoying that hot drink, along with a normal croissant, which has made planning just a bit better. Oh, and before I forget, this cute tee (super soft and high-quality) is from One Hundred Sixth Place and it is the best tee I own right now! It fits so well and did I mention how freaking soft it is?


You can pick one up here and grab a PSL from your nearest Starbucks!

Do you have any specific questions regarding wedding planning? Let me know and I’ll address them next post!

lifeCami Fannin