Self Care Sunday: Bullet Journal

I am so excited to share with you my current self care + wellness favs! I hope you take a quiet moment this week to enjoy your life + rest.

If you follow Lucie Fink, she posts several videos of her bullet journal. After months of seeing these videos I finally decided to go out and make my own bullet journal. And boy do I love it!

Basically, a bullet journal is whatever you want it to be. I personally use mine as a health + wellness tracker, journal and budget planner. I fill the pages with monthly habit trackers, a workout tracker and more.

Here’s some of the pages I have:

  • Budget planner

  • Doctor appointment planner

  • Password tracker

  • Birthday tracker

  • Online order tracker

  • Self care page

  • Moon tracker

  • Book I’ve read/want to read

  • Cleaning tracker

  • Movies tracker

Every month I make a monthly calendar overview, a memories tracker of the last month, expenses tracker, mood tracker, and various habit trackers. This month I made a water tracker, exercise tacker and trackers for reading, yoga, bible study, sleep and meditation.

lol now you know my life goals

lol now you know my life goals


To get started on your own, I suggest the Moleskine Unlined Journal, several markers, a ruler, pens, pencils and white out if you make mistakes (like me!). I typically plan out my layouts using a ruler, sketch it with pencil and then go over it with markers and pen. Links to my favorite products below:

My bullet journal is my latest obsession. It helps me keep track of my life and gives me a relaxing activity when I’m stressed.

To learn more about bullet journal and get inspired, check out Lucie Fink’s videos here:

Have a happy + healthy week!

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