Pivot, pivot, PIVOT!

Anyone remember the episode of FRIENDS when Ross screamed “pivot, pivot, PIVOT” when moving the couch?

Well, that’s what I am going to talk about today and just like Ross, I’m about to go into a long, probably boring story so you can scroll to the end to get to the point.


If you’re here for the long haul, I’ll start with a few weeks ago. I’m normally a very happy person. Genuinely, I’m a happy person. I enjoy life, I love to smile and laugh and meet new people. I care deeply about my friends. I love to exercise and eat healthy and learn new things. A few weeks ago something switched and I struggled to find the joy in the small things. I was going through a lot of personal turmoil and stress, and I couldn’t figure things out. All I knew was I was not being who I am or who I want to be. I knew I wanted to change something and find inspiration again. Which luckily, I have!

An influential factor has been friendships. I had a few friendships lately just fall through the cracks. I was heartbroken and upset because I love my friends more than anything. I realized there were a few friendships I was giving, giving and giving to and not getting much back. I was holding on to a few from high school and college that I’m not sure anyone was giving a second thought to. I felt so alone and upset. Then I went on Instagram - yes you can already see this was a mistake. I saw how few likes I was getting, compared my following to other bloggers, and noticed a few “friends” who hadn’t liked any of my recent posts (petty, I know, but it’s the little things!). I was crushed and emotional and felt like an unloved loser.

That spiraled into this blog. I was looking at my “stats” and contemplated deleting this entire thing. I felt like I wasn’t doing anything meaningful, I didn’t feel like I was adding any value to my life or your life, my beautiful friend + reader. And that’s it. That’s when I realized what was happening. I was being inauthentic. Everything I have been posting lately was to get likes, follows or just to post consistently. I felt like everything was forced and I was trying to create and portray an image that just wasn’t me. No wonder I wasn’t making friends on Instagram, getting much engagement or cultivating community - I wasn’t being genuine, authentic or helpful at all. I was just taking up space. That’s going to change.

I stated to think about who I am and what makes me happy. I realized that I find more of my inspiration within the wellness community than anything. I love to talk about ayurveda, crystals, chakras, fitness, green smoothies and self development. I rarely talk about those things here because I was straining myself to chat Nordstrom anniversary sales, even though I’ve never shopped there. I love fashion, but it’s not my passion. I’m more wellness focused, with some style and some adulting advice. I realized I didn’t need to delete this blog, I just needed to pivot.

So what’s the point, what does all this mean?

It means less fashion.

I love fashion, I really do but I can’t keep up enough to be a “fashion blogger.” It’s not my passion. I wear jeans and sweaters every day and half my closet is the same since middle school/high school. I will still have some things style related but that’s not the focus.

It means lots more wellness.

Self development, fitness, meals, adulting advice, relationships - everything physical and mental health. That’s a big part of the blog now and will now be the focus of the blog.

With that, I have a lot of exciting series coming up like Self Care Sundays; Know it, Sweat it; and more!

It means we are going to be friends.

Yep, it’s a thing. It’s happening. I want to think of this space as a friend giving you advice for whatever you are going through. I want to be friends. I’m going to reply and respond more and spend more time engaging with you. Did we just become best friends? Yes, yes we did.

I am so excited for this new blogging journey and this pivot, and I hope you are too. Before we get going, I wanted to send a quick apology to you.

I am truly truly sorry that I haven’t been authentic with you. I’m sorry that I cared more about likes and follows than getting to know you. I am truly sorry that you’ve had to put up with sub-par, unhelpful content. I am sorry that I claimed to be real, but wasn’t being the real me. I got caught up with the “Instagram game” and lost my voice. I am so sorry. And I promise that changes now.

So, if you’ve stuck around or you’re new, thank you. Thank you for joining me and supporting me and being friends with me. You mean the world to me.



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