Boss Babe: Kate Rutt

Introducing a new series to this bloggity: Boss Babes! One thing I love about the blogging community is meeting incredible, strong, beautiful, courageous and wildly talented, smart, innovative, entrepreneurial boss babes, chief chicas, inspiring women. Every month, I'm going to spotlight one of these incredible role models and share a little bit about what makes them amazing. 

This month’s babe is a totally slayin’ the Instagram game! I met Kate Rutt on IG and she quickly become one of the more well-known personalities on the app. It’s not hard to see why - her photos are drop-dead gorgeous and she’s genuinely kind and open-minded. You can tell she’s having fun with it. Read on to hear more about this Boss Babe!


1) You are the blogger behind Classy and Kate. Tell us about how you got into blogging?

I've been a creative ever since I was young - I vividly remember cutting pictures from my mom's magazines and making my own inspiration pages in a notebook. I was constantly looking at amazing travel destinations and writing up bucket lists, sketching pretty pattern designs and reading other blogs online. I think I read my first blog when I was 13, and I remember absolutely falling in LOVE with the idea of being a blogger. I had a few different blogs over the years, but really committed to my dream this past January when I officially started Classy & Kate. 

2) Give us a glimpse into the life of a blogger - what do you do day-to-day? Do you have any other jobs or side hustles? 

You know it! I'm a full-time graduate student, and I also work as a graduate assistant teaching COMS101 to undergrads. I absolutely LOVE it. I have one year left until I graduate, and then my goal is to work in the magazine industry...and maybe someday be able to blog full-time! Most of my days are spent teaching, meeting with students and attending/doing homework for my own classes. I typically shoot my Instagram photos on Saturdays, and cram in 6-7 outfits for the week. It's a lot to juggle with school and a social life, but so worth it!

3) Your following has grown incredibly! Any Instagram insight or advice?

I wish there was a magic formula, but I honestly think it looks a little different for everyone - and a lot of it is trial and error! I always suggest investing in a quality camera, taking photos in bright, natural lighting and truly engaging with your audience. Take the time to leave thoughtful comments, respond to other bloggers' stories and questions, and sometimes just DM somebody to tell them that you love what they're doing! I promise you, it will mean the world and can help build such a strong connection. 

4) What advice would you give to other women looking to become a blogger?

Stay true to your brand! I cannot tell you how many times I've gotten collaboration requests from companies who were offering a lot of money/products, but didn't align with my brand at all. I think honesty is the most important thing in the blogging world, so make sure you are only promoting things that you truly do love and want to share. It is so worth it in the long run!

5) What is the hardest thing/most challenging thing about blogging? 

I think the most challenging thing is finding the time (and sometimes resources) to create unique content. This summer I interned in DC, which was amazing and provided so many neat locations for shooting. However, I'm back at my small college town which means I just have to get a little more creative with my photos - I love looking at Pinterest when I'm feeling a bit uninspired. Sometimes all you need is a crazy outfit, or some fun props to spice things up!

6) What is your favorite thing about being a blogger? 

Making connections! I know it's the cliché answer, but I truly have met so many amazing people online. I love having conversations with individuals who share the same passions, and it's fun inspiring and encouraging each other! 

7) Go back to college graduation: what would you tell yourself?

If I were to go back to my undergraduate graduation, I would definitely tell myself to slow down and enjoy the process. I had such an insane senior year, and was so stressed around the time of graduation trying to figure out what was next, getting an internship, etc. It's easy to get caught up in all of the things we "have to do," that we forget to just take a breath, enjoy the season we're in and know that everything will work out the way it's supposed to. Recently I've definitely realized how quickly life passes, and it's so important to soak in every moment we're given - worrying never helps anybody!

8) How do you find inspiration?

I've noticed that blogging has really inspired me to look at things a bit differently - instead of just looking at a dress hanging on a rack, I now see potential for an amazing styled shoot. Before blogging, I would have probably walked right past a painted mural downtown...but now, I immediately start dreaming up fun picture ideas. There's so much inspiration around us, and it doesn't always take exotic backgrounds or expensive clothing to get a great shot!

9) Who is your role model? 

Jesus! I cannot imagine where I'd be without Him - He has completely transformed my perspective on life, given me so much joy and has blessed me far more than I deserve. Life certainly isn't always easy, but I am so thankful for a God who never changes. 


Rapid Fire:

Favorite food: Cereal. Hands down.

Favorite healthy snack: Coconut oil popcorn.

Favorite workout: I love any POPSUGAR Fitness workouts! They are short, effective and free on YouTube. I do them in my apartment all the time!

Favorite phone app: Preview. It's a must for bloggers! After I edit up my photos for the week, I'll upload them into the app and arrange them to look most cohesive.  

Favorite Boss Babe on Instagram: Amber Fillerup Clark. She's been my inspiration since day one, and was one of the first bloggers I ever followed!

Favorite place to shop: T.J. Maxx! Is that even a question?! Half of my Instagram feed is T.J. Maxx clothing! I always find such unique, affordable pieces (not to mention they have healthy snacks and the cutest house decor ever). 

Best way to spend a Sunday morning: Going to church and spending time with Jesus, seeing friends and then getting brunch. And of course taking a nap!

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