Chicago Eats: Brunch Edition

Call me basic but I LOVE BRUNCH. Wake me up on any given day with the promise of brunch and I'll be out the door in 10 minutes. I'm always down for brunch. Lucky for me I live within a five minute walk of some kick-ass brunch spots. 

1) The Original Pancake House

Do you like pancakes? If so, this is your place! These are the softest, fluffiest, melt-in-your-mouth pancakes I've ever had. This is the best classic breakfast place. I usually opt for blueberry pancakes, scrambled eggs and extra-crispy bacon! 


2) Yolk

I fell in love with Yolk on my first visit to Chicago and that love has remained. Yolk is a great place for specialty, indulgent brunch options. I love the red velvet french toast--it's like cake for breakfast! The crepes are also fantastic and I've been dying to try the chicken and waffles. 


3) Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts

So not too fancy here, but this is a favorite with my fiancé and I (especially after a night out). I love Starbucks' bacon, gouda and egg sandwich, but Jake prefers the egg, bacon and cheese bagel from Dunkin'. We decide to go to both and by the time we stop at Dunkin' I normally convince myself to grab a donut (or two!). It's a great quick breakfast that satisfies both of us and we can easily pick it up and eat it on our rooftop deck! 


Please share your favorite brunch place. I'm always looking for the new places to try. 

food+drinkCami Fannin