7 Apps/Websites for Continued Learning


"I'm a learner: I'm always pushing myself to continually learn new skills." This is not just a line I used when interview for post-grad jobs-- I truly mean it. I love learning! That's half the reason I start this blog, as it was a way to learn and practice web design, social media, photography, content curation and building a brand. Learning is so important, especially when you're out of school and there's no professor grading you. I wanted to share my top apps/websites for continued learning. 

1) Duolingo 

I used to be fluent in French and I took sophomore-level Spanish as a freshman in college. But years of not keeping up with those languages have left me with very little speaking skills. I love the Duolingo app because it breaks up common words and verbs in short lessons for easy memorization and review. If you have been fluent in languages previously this is a great tool to help jog your memory! After a few weeks of using this app I was able to read and comprehend few stories in French. 

2) SkillShare

I came across this website this summer and it is like Netflix for personal development. It has thousands of classes to watch from calligraphy to branding to coding and more! I can spend hours on this site learning from other professionals and exploring new skills that have been of interest to me. 

3) Jaci Marie iPhone Workshop 

I love Jaci's Instagram page and when she offered iPhone workshops I jumped on the opportunity. Most of my photos are processed on VSCO using some of the hints and tricks Jaci shares in her workshop. I believe you can still purchase the workshop (it's all online) but I would check her Instagram @jacimariesmith for more information.

4) CodeAcademy 

I couldn't fit into my college's coding class so I found this little site. My dream is to create an app or two and I'm trying to learn to code through this program. I've signed up for the free Java class so far and it has been a slow process. It's awesome to try and test myself on this one. 

5) Netflix 

I know this seems strange but if used wisely Netflix can be an awesome source of information. I love watching documentaries, especially those that educate you on poverty around the world or our own health and nutrition (Poverty Inc., Cowspiracy, One Dollar A Day are some of my favorites!). Netflix is much more than just your favorite binge-worthy series (although those are great too!) 

6) Instagram

I know this one seems strange but I am constantly inspired by Instagram. There are tons of food videos, art videos, fashion designers, photographers, writers and more who are pushing their content on this platform and spreading their knowledge for others. I choose to see Instagram as a tool for learning and inspiration instead of a place for comparison and jealousy (although those feelings arise occasionally). Instagram can be a great way to explore passions. 

7) SoulScripts

I don't actively speak on my Christian status on here as I know that you reading this may not share my beliefs. I completely respect that and never want anyone to be ostracized from this little corner of the Internet. However, I wanted to share this website if you are a Christian looking to dive deeper into your Bible Study. Jordan Lee lays it out perfectly in her hour-long bible studies. I have never found so many nuggets of Truth in short paragraphs in the Bible. This is a great way to study and find deeper meaning in your Bible study. 


I'd love to hear the ways you continue learning outside of school! Share with me below or on Instagram and tag me (@camilikeatanktop). 


I am in no way getting compensated for any mentions in this post. These are my genuine experiences and opinions. I will always share if any post is a partnership with compensation.  

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