Back to Basics with H&M

Comfy, flattering and adaptable: my requirements for tees (or any clothing for that matter). They must be soft, flattering and I must be able to wear them with many outfits. H&M has always been my favorite store because the Basics collection typically fits my three requirements. 

Last year I bought a black tee from H&M and it became my favorite item in my closet. I wore it out with friends, lounging at home, working out at cycle class, and every where in between. So, I decided to go back and get another black tee, then one in pink and blue. 

On my way to the check out, I stumbled across this adorable, comfy and flattering cream sweater and I had to have it. It will definitely be a staple in my closet come fall weather. 

Basics are always in style and H&M is my favorite place by far. Be sure to check out their basic section next time you're out shopping. 




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