Smoothie Bowl Love with Zest Juice Co, Fruve Xpress Juicery and Hi-Vibe

I'm a major foodie so when a new food trend comes up, I'm sure to jump on it. Most of them come and go but one that I fell in love with immediately and still love to this day is the acai/smoothie bowl trend. Delicious, nutrient-packed meals with fruit, granola and other toppings-- what is there not to love? It's like eating ice cream, but it's healthy! 

I'm always on the hunt for a good smoothie bowl so I wanted to share my absolute favorites with you. 

For my Columbus peeps, Zest Juice Co. was the first place I ever tried an acai bowl and it is still my absolute favorite to this day. Every time I visit home I always make it a point to stop into Zest. This past trip I tried the pitaya (dragon fruit) bowl and it was incredible! 

While I impatiently wait for a Zest location to open up in Chicago, I have been testing out different ones in the area. Fruve Xpress Juicery was one the first place I found in Chicago and it quickly became my go-to in the Loop. Piled high with toppings, these are decant bowls that are perfect when you need a refreshing bite. 

Fruve is a bit far from where I live now and the other day at work I was craving a smoothie bowl so after a quick Google search I stumbled upon Hi-Vibe Organic Superfood Juicery. Leading the way in healthy food, Hi-Vibe has a wonderful selection of bowls, smoothies and juices with the option to customize anything to your preference! I tried the fruitarian bowl, full of antioxidants and it was the perfect lunch. I will definitely be back during the workweek.

No matter where I go I always like to mix up what bowl I get, but my favorite toppings are fruit (normally banana and strawberry), chia seeds, granola, cocoa nibs and honey! The more toppings the more flavor and texture (and the prettier the Instagram) the bowl will have. 

What are your favorite smoothie bowl places or recipes? Please share!