Fitness Update with 9Rounds and OrangeTheory Fitness

After moving to Chicago I wanted to test myself and try a few new workouts. I settled on trying 9Rounds and OrangeTheory Fitness. 

9Rounds Northbrook (where I work) was awesome! I had no idea I would sweat more in 30 minutes than my normal 1-2 hour gym sessions! It was such a great way to relive stress by punching and kicking things, and the new workout really challenged my body and mind. 9Rounds works by having 9 rounds of workouts for three minutes, with a minute active recovery (jumping, planking, etc.) before the next round for 30 minutes total. The owners at 9Round Northbrook are so sweet and encouraging. I was sold and purchased a membership right there on the spot! 

OrangeTheory Fitness was intimidating at first, but once I got a hang of the workout format I was hooked. A combination of strength training, rowing and running on treadmills for 50 minutes was a fun way to keep the energy up. The goal is to spend as much time in the green, orange and red zones in order to have a longer lasting effect. OrangeTheory sends you a little summary at the end of the workout so you can track your progress. While the workout was incredible, I couldn't justify the price with my 21-year-old, entry-level budget so I had to pass for now, but maybe one day! 

I highly recommend taking advantage of the free workout classes these gyms offer to get a taste of the workout, challenge yourself, and try something new. Maybe you'll find a new craze you're addicted to. 

FitCami FanninComment