Acquaviva Winery + Wedding Planning Update

Jake and I couldn't be more excited to get married! Since moving to Chicago, we've spent every weekend touring venues and trying to find the best one for us. 

Located about an hour outside of Chicago is Acquaviva Winery-- an adorable family-owned vineyard and restaurant. I immediately fell in love and enjoyed the fact that it had a destination-wedding feel to it being so far from the city. 

After touring the vineyards, wine barrels and reception area, we were treated to a complimentary wine tasting. This is some of the best wine I've had outside of Italy! We will definitely be making a few more day trips to this winery for more tastings and purchases. (Ps. If you're a potential bride, you get a discount on wine bottles to take home.) 


I opted for a fun maxi dress from Francesca's that has a playful skirt. I paired it with a black floppy hat from Old Navy and little black booties (honestly not sure where I got them but most likely Francesca's as well). It proved to be a perfect outfit for the occasion and the weather.

Jake and I are still touring venues so we're not sure if this is going to end up being the site of our wedding, but it will definitely be the site for many more day dates. As we've begun the first stages of wedding planning, I've been very stressed to be honest. I always thought that wedding planning would be insanely fun, but when it becomes your own to plan, it has a lot of responsibility and decision making associated with it. After talking to my mom and Jake I've been feeling a lot better about it, but I want other brides to know that you are not alone if this isn't turning into the crazy fun montage scene (a la Bride Wars) you always thought it would be. I'm hoping once we have an official date and venue picked that the process will be a lot more enjoyable, but all I know is that I cannot wait to walk down the aisle to the man of my dreams.  

Photos by the incredible Jake Bartel