21 Fun: Viva Las Vegas

June 21 was my long-awaited golden birthday, and I finally turned 21! It's crazy to think of all that's happened before I turned legally adult.  I've been reflecting on the past year a lot. 20 was a really really really big year for me. I moved to Chicago for the summer, got my license, got a car, traveled, lived alone in my first apartment, got 2 dream internships, got a tattoo, got engaged, graduated college, traveled more, moved to Chicago officially, moved in with my fiancé, got a full-time job, and officially became an Illinois resident; all in one year. 20 has been an incredible, challenging, wonderful life-changing year. I learned a lot, I was thrown into adulthood quickly and I turned my biggest plans and dreams into realities. It's been a blessing and I'm so excited to see what my 21st year will bring

To celebrate my birthday, Jake took me to Vegas for the weekend. It was a blast! We stayed at Caesar's Palace, gambled (and lost) a lot, went to a few clubs, and I got to catch up with one of my best friends from high school who decided to come to Vegas too! My favorite thing about Vegas was my dad bought Jake and I tickets to The Chainsmokers' concert at Encore Beach Club. Relaxing by the pool and dancing away to my favorite musicians was the best way to celebrate 21. 

For anyone who knows me, I love a good prank here and there. A few of my friends asked if I was going to elope in Vegas and my parents made me swear not to, which inspired me for the perfect social media prank. 

Just married or just kidding? For now it was just a prank, but I can't wait to marry Jake in the coming years. More about our wedding planning coming soon! 

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