Nutella Café

Ever since moving to Chicago in June, I've wanted to try the Nutella Café-- the only official Nutella café in the United States. It only took me about six months to try it. Most of the time the line was way too long, but in the cold, the line wasn't too bad. 

Armed with my navy blue wool coat and my warm baby blue Love Your Melon beanie, I was prepared for the relativity short wait. Once inside, I was overwhelmed by the choices. There was Nutella gelato, Nutella crepes, Nutella hot chocolate and pastries stuffed with Nutella. I selected Nutella hot chocolate and a Nutella + banana crepe. 


Overall, going to the Nutella cafe was a blast with my fiancé and family, but I was slightly disappointed with the little Nutella given on each item. Mariano's in Lakeview has a little Nutella cafe and they give very generous portions of Nutella. The hot chocolate was, of course, amazing and warmed me right up before braving the Chicago cold once again. 


Outfit Deets:

Beanie | Love Your Melon

Jeans | Old Navy

Shoes | Adidas 

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