Adulting: How to Get Your Ish Together | Wellness

Orange you glad it's winter? While winter months are associated with cozy white sweaters and black snow boots, I like to add a bit of color. This bright orange dress works for a nice dinner out (or anywhere inside really). Unfortunately, I don't remember where I got this dress or jean jacket. And as you can see, the jean jacket has been well worn over the past several years and I'm not ready to face the facts are get a new one. 


Orange reminds me, of course, of oranges and it is a color I associate with health, which is fitting because today I'm sharing how I've gotten my ish together regarding wellness. 

Introducing Adulting: How to Get Your Ish Together | Wellness. 

Now let's be real, staying healthy while balancing a social life, a full-time job and all other adulting things (bills, doctor's appointments, grocery shopping, laundry, etc.) is freaking hard. In college, I could dedicate hours to the gym and workout classes but now, it's pretty unrealistic. And in college when my parents were helping out and I barely had to pay any expenses, I could swing for kale and all other organic fruits and veggies. Now, that's a struggle too! 

So how the heck do I keep up the wellness game? Here's a few things I do and that I recommend for the 20-something who is trying to do it all and stay within a healthy lifestyle. 

Healthy Eating

First, I make a list of meals to have each week and I always make a grocery list. I only allow myself two items not on the grocery list when shopping. When making the meal plan, I map out how to best utilize ingredients in multiple meals or across a week i.e. eggs for breakfast, kale for smoothies or salads, and chicken for lunch or dinner. I then make sure I'm getting at least 5-7 servings of fruit or veggies a day and make sure I pick up ones that are easy to grab and go (like grapes!). 

Second, I meal prep. I don't have time to spend hours on hours, but I do try to make veggies ahead of time, like roasting cauliflower so I can just pack it and go for lunches. Some weeks when I'm feeling it, I will meal prep full meals, like my bowl meal (recipe below). 

Third, and most important, I strive to drink an adequate amount of water. Some days, I definitely miss the mark, but with a water cooler at work and a water bottle in hand, I am able to always have access to water. I use my Fitbit app to track my water intake, as well. I definitely notice the difference in the days when I drink enough water and the days I do not. 



First and foremost, find something you like and don't force yourself to do something because it's on trend or what you think you need to do to exercise. So, if you hate burpees, don't do them. I like most exercises and I try to keep a weekly routine that is varied. A typical week looks like: 

Monday: Legs + Cardio 

Tuesday: Arms

Wednesday: Cycle Class 

Thursday: Arms

Friday: Legs

Saturday: Rest or full body

Sunday: Full body 

I hate abs so I always incorporate core movements at the end of each workout and end with a minute plank. 

Again, you do what you want and don't force it. 



Get 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Set your alarm, go to bed early. That's all. 



My doctor told me that there are four keys of health: diet, exercise, sleep and stress management. To manage stress, I incorporate yoga, meditation, crystals, and rest into the puzzle. 

I strive to do yoga every day and mediate when doing that. I also focus on rest on the weekends and try not to overload my schedule. 


Brush twice a day and floss once a day

Self-explanatory. Honestly, I hate flossing so I use the kid's floss sticks. It works! 


Go to the doctor regularly

You'd be surprised how many people do not keep up with doctor's appointments. In general you should go to your family doctor once a year, dermatologist once a year (to check for skin cancer y'all!), your eye doctor once a year and your dentist twice a year. Check with your health insurance and healthcare provider, but please keep up with your appointments.



Notice how I say strive a lot? That's because there are days when all the above happens and I feel like the goddess of health. Other days I work late, don't workout and eat crap. But that's life and as long as I keep trying then that's all I can ask for. Remember, healthy looks different on everyone. If you enjoy Crossfit, kale juices and mediation, then freaking awesome. If you enjoy walking, water and reading a book, then freaking awesome. You do what you need to do to be healthy. And also remember than healthy can include a glass of wine and the weekly chocolate chip cookie! 


Bowl Meal

Basically this is a combination of all your favorite veggies, with a protein of choice and a grain. Mine typically has:

Brussel Sprouts

Peppers (red and green) 

Sweet Potatoes







Olive Oil 

Sometimes I toss in strawberries or blueberries for fun. 

Roast or cook all ingredients; throw in a bowl; grab and go; heat up at work/school/etc. 


What are your favorite tips for staying healthy? Comment on my latest Instagram post (@camilikeatanktop) and tell me about them!