Wedding Planning Update + Engagement Photos!

Woohoo! We've got two major things crossed off our list! 

After touring nearly 20 venues this summer, we have picked our venue! I'm going to keep in under wraps for now, but I'm in love. It's flexible, open catering, and is an adorable art gallery! They even take the artwork down and put up photos of the couple during the wedding, which we are super stoked about. 

Speaking of photos, we met with our adorable photographer Candace at the end of September. She flew out from my hometown of Ohio just to shoot our engagements! I found Candace after Facebook stalking someone's engagement pictures (whoops!) and from our first FaceTime meeting, I knew she was going to be our photographer. Other people told me to find someone in my city, but no one had her editing style, angles, art, skill, or personality. I decided to play the Bride Card and booked her against other people's advice and I couldn't be happier.

We meet up at a concrete beach with a gorgeous skyline view before heading downtown for night shots and pizza. I enjoyed meeting Candace so much we decided to continue it on Saturday morning do a few more city shots and going down to the beach to play in the water. 

My advice to any bride-to-be is to trust your gut and own your opinion. I knew the second I met Candace that she would be our photographer, and I knew the second I walked into our venue that we would get married there. It just clicks and I'm so excited to really dive into planning. In the meantime I'll just be obsessing over our photos from Candace! Enjoy. 

chicago engagement shoot - Cami _ Jake-34.jpg
chicago engagement shoot - Cami _ Jake-47.jpg
chicago engagement shoot - Cami _ Jake-24.jpg
chicago engagement shoot - Cami _ Jake-113.jpg
chicago engagement shoot - Cami _ Jake-104.jpg
chicago engagement shoot - Cami _ Jake-81.jpg
chicago engagement shoot - Cami _ Jake-51.jpg
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